Department of Creative Communication

Experiencing Artistic & Technological Creativity

Communication plays a fundamental role in all aspects of life. It is therefore important for those seeking to serve in the mission of God to learn not just to communicate but to learn to do so creatively and effectively. Creative Communication is one of the 6 departments of the School of Experiential Learning (SEL). One of the responsibilities of this department is to provide a structure that ensures that students in the School of Creative Expression (SCE) are an equipped witness in their chosen field of discipline through experiential learning experiences made available to them.

Why Creative Communication?

The Creative Communication Department works via collaboration with the School of Creative Expression (SCE) to make certain that students are growing in their ability to communicate creatively through the use of different media, film and theater studies, digital information technology, digital media arts, music, and ethnodoxology. In keeping with the university’s focus on experiential learning, the department ensures that students enrolled in any program offered by SCE will be given opportunities to practice what they learned through completion of varied assignments or coursework that allows application of theories and concepts learned in class. Varied experiential learning types i.e., observation practice, participant observation practicum, action learning, action research, and missional clerkships or internships will be utilized to equip students to become effective professionals in their chosen discipline.

Depending upon program requirements, each SCE student is required to successfully complete one or more of the following experiential learning courses: observership, practicum, field instruction, internship, mentorship, capstone, portfolio, project, research and thesis courses.

Course Subject Areas