Department of Community Transformation

Caring for Community Revitalization

The Department of Community Transformation provides a knowledge base for equipping individuals with the necessary tools to serve in a community-based setting.  Students learn how to impact the community, gain an understanding of, and be able to define and participate in the community development process.  Students gain insights into the nature of associations and institutions, while being able to identify the difference between relief, betterment, development, and systemic change.  Students are introduced to key tools and practices for healthy, sustainable community development, while focusing on the power of listening, and paying attention to detail while working with communities. The Department of Community Transformation is preparing graduates for creating opportunities for transformation through meaningful relationships, work, education, and community revitalization. 

Why Community Transformation?

Community Transformation enables students to examine how social change is most effective when people work together in an organized way. This gives the community the power needed to achieve the desired change. Students with the knowledge and experience of community organizing will be better equipped to serve with their community.


Concentrations consist of 4 or 5 courses (12 or 15 credit hours) that are offered by departments that are attached to majors in various schools and colleges with related programs. Tracks consist of 6 to 9 courses (18 to 27 credit hours) that are considered a part of the major to which they are attached.


  • International Development