TSC7050SEN - Evangelical Approaches to Natural Theology

Course description

Advancing natural theology and a theology of nature, students develop their own method, perspective, and overarching theology of the mission of God in relation to natural events. Through critical interaction with natural theological works and theologies of nature, students develop as theological practitioners of nature and seek to advance the field by offering fresh insight to the relation between redemption, the mission of God, and natural revelation.

How this course benefits students

Mission in ‘science and theology’ contexts is driven by a comprehensive theology of Divine action and mission in revelation. The present course gives students deep understanding of natural theology and the capacity to develop novel arguments.

Why this course is important

The Christian Church (i.e., People of God) must find its rootedness in Scripture, the teachings of the People of God, and the ways in which theologians have arrived at knowledge of the Divine nature through Divine actions. The present course prepares students to advance the discussions in natural theology and a theology of nature.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Theology of Science
Educational level
Learning type
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Dr. Joshua Farris, Professor of Theology of Science

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Critical engagement with contemporary natural theology and a deep knowledge of the Scriptures as it pertains to natural theology and a theology of nature.

Missionally driven

Students are able to discern Divine action and the mission of God in nature, and in so doing they are able to develop their own mission.

Contextually informed

As with all academic disciplines, natural theology is contextual and follows certain conventions in the wider academic guild. Students gain a mastery of the subject of recent patterns, arguments, perspectives and how they sync with Scripture.

Interculturally focused

Students interact with and gain the tools to critically assess issues that are informed by an international set of scholars.

Practically minded

The course concludes with two concrete products. The first product is an overarching theology of nature, how it provides a blueprint for the mission of God, and how it informs the mission we are to participate. The second product is a novel engagement with natural theology that advances the discussion.

Experientially transformed

Primarily through seminar discussions, students gain a deeper appreciation of natural arguments for God and how to publicly communicate those truths.