THC6120EN - Issues for a Latin American Theology in Context

Course description

The context of the Latin American theological panorama will be examined. The student will analyze the development of Latin American theology from the Conciliar, Evangelical and Roman Catholic perspectives. The student will also explore in depth Liberation Theology, the Latin American Theological Fraternity, and Integral Mission in their contexts of pastoral reflection and praxis.

How this course benefits students

The context of Latin America is predominantly Roman Catholic; however, Evangelicals have surged in recent decades to significant minority status in several countries. Any understanding of Latin American immigration, cross-cultural ministry, or missions in the Latin American context will require an understanding of changes and challenges in both Roman Catholicism and evangelicalism. This course applies to a variety of career or volunteer paths, mostly because it deals with profound challenges in Latin American mission. A student planning to serve in general education, theological education, health programs, business, missional training, sociological and anthropological studies will benefit from this course.

Why this course is important

This course will enable the student to understand the complexities of mission in contexts of oppression, poverty and powerlessness. Anybody engaged in mission in Latin America (including Latinos in the US) needs to have an in depth grasp of these contextual realities in order to have a transformational ministry.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Contextual Theology
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Dr. Everett Alan van der Woerd, Professor of Religion Studies

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Biblically-based Latin American theology is the core element for a missional praxis that will bring forth community transformation.

Missionally driven

Latin American theology will demonstrate its missional power through its remarkable reflection and action.

Contextually informed

Latin American theology is rooted in its own contexts, which are interwoven in a wonderful tapestry.

Interculturally focused

Latin American theology brings in itself a wealth of intercultural weaving

Practically minded

Latin American theology is intentionally constructed to produce a solid praxis.

Experientially transformed

Latin American theology is focused on transformed societies from a biblical and theological reflection and praxis.