THC6118EN - Black Theology in the American Context

Course description

An examination and analysis of the history, context, and primary voices in the development of Black Theology in the American context. Students will gain an understanding of theology done from a minority and marginalized perspective, which will equip them to missionally engage all cultures with the liberating gospel of Christ.

How this course benefits students

Too often theology is seen or known only as a western and "white" endeavor. This inevitably reflects theology from a privileged position, academically, economically, and socially. This course will challenge students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to read and understand theology "from the margins." This will prepare them to better be on mission to all peoples and cultures, whatever their status as majority, minority, marginalized, or center.

Why this course is important

Students of all racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds need to learn about the impact of the Black experience in American, and particularly the Black church experience. This course will bring together history, context, and theological reflection.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Contextual Theology
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Dr. Celucien Joseph, Professor of African & African-American Studies

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

All theology should have its origin in Scripture, This course, therefore, will evaluate and seek to understand Black Theology from a Biblical perspective.

Missionally driven

Theology has as its goal the intersection of the mission of God and everyday life. This course will equp students to engage missionally with all cultures.

Contextually informed

One of the primary aspects of the course is the both the context in which Black theology developed and the context to which it speaks

Interculturally focused

Although the study of Black Theology in America addresses a specific race and context, any student will finish the course better prepared for interculture entgagement.

Practically minded

One of the purposes of theology is practical Christian living and ministry. This course will challenge students to apply what they have learned in their lives and communities.

Experientially transformed

The course will inevitable challenge students to examine their own cultures and contexts and drive them to further theological reflection.