SCG5700EN - Advanced Spiritual Caregiving in Healthcare

Course description

How does one apply the calling of spiritual caregiving to the unique world of healthcare? This course equips spiritual caregivers to apply their spiritual gifts towards the specific context of healthcare. Under examination are the challenges of ministering in a multi-faith context, developing one’s personal identity as a caregiver, and functioning in an interdisciplinary context with other healthcare professionals. Students will have opportunity to apply their learning to the specific area of healthcare to which they are called.

How this course benefits students

This course meets a fundamental educational need for any spiritual caregiver meeting people in a health care crisis. Healthcare issues create a specific set of spiritual needs in people, and this course equips students with fundamental spiritual caregiving skills that will serve them well throughout their degree program and future ministry endeavors.

Why this course is important

A health crisis evokes a specific set of spiritual needs, questions, and concerns. It is critical that spiritual caregivers engaging the sick understand these particular needs and know the specific interventions that will help them meet those needs.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Spiritual Caregiving
Educational level
Learning type
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Jesus is continually moved by compassion for the needs of the sick and engages directly the spiritual needs that accompany them.

Missionally driven

God is at work in the lives of sick persons, and to care for the spiritual needs of ill persons is to join God in a most essential mission.

Contextually informed

A time of illness unveils a specific set of spiritual questions, needs, and concerns. The spiritual caregiver incorporates meaningful and effective spiritual care to this specific context.

Interculturally focused

Illness knows no cultural, racial, or religious bounds, and the sensitive spiritual caregiver will engage people of all faiths and cultures in these important questions.

Practically minded

Students will find the skills they develop in this course useful to both their healthcare role and their engagement of others beyond that role.

Experientially transformed

Students will practice their spiritual communication and engagement skills with others in an action/reflection model.