MLV6000EN - Current Perspectives of Women and War

Course description

The changing nature of the role of women in warfare has spurred debate in the current social, political, and military environment. Students will assess current thought from multiple perspectives, develop their own viewpoint based upon philosophical, theological, and social research while understanding their own presuppositions and biases.

How this course benefits students

Strong emotions are evoked regarding the roles of women in the military and combat. Some traditional roles are readily accepted and others are highly contested. This course will assist the students in recongniing and understanding their own theological and sociological biases and interacting with others on a more academic level on a sensitive topic.

Why this course is important

Women have significantly impacted war efforts and have been impacted themselves, personally and professionally.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Missional Living
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Dr. Hal Scott, BCC, Professor of Military Ministry

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Women have served in significant narratives of the Bible, including Rebekah, Rachael, Miriam, Rahab, Ruth, Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary and Martha, Lydia, and Priscilla.These women accomplished great feats of faith and were leaders in a time when men dominated. LIkewise, the study of women in war is long and distinguished in a culture of male dominance.

Missionally driven

To minister to females who have either participated or been impacted by war, it is helpful to have an understanding of the history, context, and dynamics.

Contextually informed

The study of women and war is a subset of the general study and those reaching out to them and their families will be helped by an examination of Biblical principles.

Interculturally focused

Women of all cultures have been impacted by war.

Practically minded

This study is concerned with a significant minority of those in the military and those impacted by war.

Experientially transformed

Students will locate and interview females who have served in the military.