MLV5320EN - Theory & Methods of Apartment Ministry

Course description

The student will be looking specifically at the various forms of “church”, the ancient concept of “household evangelism”, use of the small group, and a common variety of “first contact” methods as ways to initiate witnessing relationships within apartment communities nationally and internationally.

How this course benefits students

Since all ministry needs an entrance point, multihousing provides a large pocket of lost-ness in both the city and the small town. It is essential that students know both the concerns that apartment management have and the ways to lead the local church, church planter, or volunteer to engage the population effectively. Students will also learn relational skills that apply to many other areas of ministry.

Why this course is important

By asking students to research and approach a management company and/or local apartment manager, they should become more aware of the dynamics of “community” and operation in specific apartment communities.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Missional Living
Educational level
Learning type
Upcoming terms
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

A look at the biblical basis of vision, small groups, and intentional/relational evangelism as illustrated in Jesus ministry methods.

Missionally driven

We will draw from basic missional practices as they can be applied to multihousing settings. Students will be asked to research management companies and engage one specific community to discover the demands and concerns of being the manager of an apartment community. A written report will be required.

Contextually informed

Theory and methods will create a workable system for opening new ministries in all types of apartment communities

Interculturally focused

i.e. culturally diverse and multi-ethnic.

Practically minded

The nature of apartment communities demand that our student be able to adjust and find help in understanding cultural characteristics and the barriers that hinder the clear communication of Biblical truth across the cultures.

Experientially transformed

An orderly, step by step process will be developed.