MLV5300EN - Multihousing Ministry Capacity Building

Course description

After having learned about the apartment industry and the methodology used to launch a new work in a multihousing community, the learner will now research and suggest ways of building networks of residents and developing an expansion their work by opening new ministries. Some reading on Chaplaincy will be required. A look at partnerships with community organizations will aid students in developing a holistic ministry.

How this course benefits students

Students learn to develop and utilize social skills to go deeper in their relationships with apartment communities. They will also become confident in their understanding of how management companies operate. Learners will become familiar with a dual ministry that cultivates relationships with companies and residents.

Why this course is important

After gaining entrance into the apartment industry and specific communities, the student will develop a better ability to recognize needs within their context. Pulling from common chaplaincy resources, the learner will be better able to sustain dialog with industry leaders. Becoming familiar with the goals and purpose of community organizations and agencies will allow them to develop systems that meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs of both residents and company employees.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Missional Living
Educational level
Learning type
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