MIS5210EN - Theories & Methods of Sharing Your Faith through Social Media

Course description

Development of techniques and skills to design social media strategies for sharing the gospel. Through reading, discussion, presentations and other assignments, the student will investigate current best practices in order to target a specific audience, discover the best content for that audience, and then engage with that audience.

How this course benefits students

In the bachelor's course, students will review the most popular social media platforms for maximum engagement of their current social spheres of influence. Students will learn best practices for casting a wide net including the use of sharing posts, images, videos, and links. The master's level will include social media best practices for engaging a particular people group or urban center.

Why this course is important

Jesus and Paul went to where people were located - walking, riding animals and traveling on ships to share the Good News. Today we continue to share the message of the gospel where people are. Today people are on social media. Rather than replace our face-to-face ministry, it enhances it and allows individuals and the church to cast a wider net for the gospel.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Mission Studies
Educational level
Learning type
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Dr. G. Phillip Smith, Professor of Urban Mission

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

In the Bible, we are commanded to make disciples in all nations. This is in all people groups in every place we can connect. As our world has changed over the past decade, people are more connected digitally which allows Christians to engage in a new area of evangelism.

Missionally driven

Social media is a new culture. It has its own norms, language, and approved behaviors. By sharing the gospel in the digital space, we expand the possible reach of our evangelistic efforts.

Contextually informed

Social media is a unique culture that requires followers of Christ to shape the way we communicate the gospel in appropriate ways within this new digital culture.

Interculturally focused

Social media is found in various forms all over the world. Understanding how one can use their digital voice will teach students to share in a culture different from their home culture.

Practically minded

This course will give students the opportunity to share the gospel in a variety of ways in order to discover the best approach for the student's digital network.

Experientially transformed

The strategies students will learn in this course will enhance their ability to cast a wide net over the course of the term. Assignments will provide the students with multiple opportunities to share the gospel across a variety of social media platforms.