MDM6230EN - Research Methods in Family Medicine

Course description

Students will be reviewing common research methods in the discipiline of Family Medicine

How this course benefits students

In this course, the students will understand the importance of research in Family Medicine and the common methodologies of this research

Why this course is important

Collecting the right kind of data and in an accurate way helps advance the field of medicine and ther relavenace to the population(s) at stake

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Medical Mission
Educational level
Learning type
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Dr. Nad Tad, DABFM, FAAFP, Professor of Medical Mission

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

The Improtance of relavence in meeting actual needs depends on collecting the right data accurately.Biblical values of Truth and veracity as well as presentation accurately

Missionally driven

Due to universal need for good data and research across the developing world, being prepared/trained in this field is very beneficial in gainining acceptacne in many caes by government or tothers.

Contextually informed

research needs to be contextualized to the specific population and setting as some countries/cultures aren't as open)

Interculturally focused

Family Medicine research can examine differences and similaritis across cultures,etc as well as examine attitudes with regards to research

Practically minded

simple research methods can be employed to gather data to be used for medical/health of a population

Experientially transformed

Students will look at examples of past or current areas of interest related to Family Medicine research data if not existing then something that they might want to pursue in the future