ITM6120EN - Emerging Technologies in Cybersecurity

Course description

What are the most effective emerging technologies available for cybersecurity? This course will evaluate emerging technologies in the cybersecurity field specifically examining usefulness and value as it relates to the organization. Students will also develop implementation strategies for emerging technologies related to faith-based organizations.

How this course benefits students

As an information technology leader, are you aware of benefits and outcomes available with emerging cybersecurity technology? This course will be masters level evaluation of emerging technologies for the student. Students will evaluate and develop implementation plans for emerging technologies in faith-based organizations. Students will be able to evaluate and recommend emerging technologies within an organization.

Why this course is important

Students will evaluate and utilize new and emerging cybersecurity technologies.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Information Technology Management
Educational level
Learning type
Upcoming terms
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

A biblical worldview will be the foundation for this course while examining the challenges and impacts of emerging technologies for businesses and society as a whole.

Missionally driven

This course will examines emerging technologies related to cybersecurity. Missional leaders will find this course beneficial because it provides a framework evaluating new cybersecurity tools and their benefits.

Contextually informed

Cybersecurity technology is constantly evolving and changing to meet and eliminate current threats in business. Students will learn how to synthesize information and evaluate various technologies for their benefits.

Interculturally focused

Technology affects all cultures and religions. Students will examine emerging cybersecurity technology and the impacts those emerging technologies have in various cultures.

Practically minded

Students can use their practical skills in evaluating cybersecurity tools and technologies. These skills can be utilized in various businesses and within one's personal life

Experientially transformed

This course provides opportunities for students to use their evaluation skills related to cybersecurity in various fields in real life occurrences, such as education, careers, and missional ministry where technology is strongly utilized.