ITM5100EN - Cybersecurity Processes & Technologies

Course description

Students will examine processes and technologies in IT security and operations with implementation of IT management and operations. Topics for this course will include: development, evaluation of IT processes, ethical and strategic planning and procedures, and integrating cybersecurity concepts and theories, etc.

How this course benefits students

According to, the demand for cybersecurity jobs is on the rise and states, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the job market for computer security majors will grow by over 18 percent through 2024. The average rate of growth across all career is 7 percent. These numbers are encouraging universities to develop curricula to meet the demands of both students and the nation” (, 2016).

Why this course is important

Students will advance in the field of cybersecurity with learning various skills and knowledge gaining first hand experiences and conducting scholarly research. Students will engage in scholarly discussions, case studies, and research, etc.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Information Technology Management
Educational level
Learning type
Upcoming terms
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Dr. Kris Jamsa, Senior Professor of Cybersecurity

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course will follow a biblical worldview and focusing on “A Prayer for Guidance and Protection” from Psalm, chapter 25.

Missionally driven

This course offers students the skills and knowledge while applying them to various situations and threats in the IT arenas, businesses, and organizations. The students be challenged to apply their skills in the IT fields as well as missionary work and sharing God’s love with others.

Contextually informed

This course supplies contextual information with up-to-date research and data where students can learn from and add to. Students will learn theories, processes, and principles in cybersecurity, which will provide them with an understanding of contextually rich learning opportunities.

Interculturally focused

This course will be culturally rich and provide various opportunities to investigate a wide range of businesses and organizations. Students can apply their skills worldwide and not limited to one location with this field.

Practically minded

This course provides practical skills and circumstances where students can learn first hand what it is like to deal with real world situations and threats in the field. Students will learn real world experiences and scenarios in using practical strategies and solutions for security threats.

Experientially transformed

This course will supply students with the practical experiential learning they need to embark on a future in this field. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for real world situations or cyber threats.