HMN6150EN - Conceptual Basis of Faith Community Nursing

Course description

Designed to assist participants to understand the roles and responsibilities of faith community nursing in various practice settings based on the Scope & Standards of practice. Assessment of needs and resources, designing and presenting appropriate health-related teaching, and intervention strategies for individuals, families, small and large groups, and communities is included.

How this course benefits students

Faith community Nurse health ministry is a specialty practice recognized by the American Nurses Association. In order to develop a quality health ministry practice registered nurses at the masters level must be able to practice independently.

Why this course is important

Registered Nurses completing this course will also receive a Westberg Institute certificate of completion, stained glass pin, and access to the international FCN online platform.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Health Ministry
Educational level
Learning type
Upcoming terms
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course is based on Judeo-Christian values and includes scripture reference throughout.

Missionally driven

This course provides a foundation for nurses and health advocates to serve God by serving the holistic health needs of others through congregations and faith-based organizations.

Contextually informed

Faith Community Nursing is practiced world-wide as a ministry to the underserved, to provide nursing disease prevention strategies, and to encourage wholistic health.

Interculturally focused

Faith community nursing health ministry is found throughout the United States and in 28 additional countries. The course provides customization to fit the health needs and disparities of populations served by each participant.

Practically minded

This course provides practical tools and insights to plan, begin, and grow a ministry.

Experientially transformed

This course provides adequate interactive activities for the participant to discover and develop a customized ministry practice along with appropriate self-care planning.