GRN6250EN - Long-Term Care Administration

Course description

This course is an overview of the long-term care industry including administration and management techniques, and standards practices. Emphasis will be placed on Skilled Nursing Home Care, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Home Health Care, Hospice, and Senior Retirement Communities. It will prepare students for a careers in Long Term Care Administration.

How this course benefits students

Student seeking a career in the health care industry with the intention of working with the adult and aging population. This course will prepare students for the role in administering or managing long-term care facilities. The course is targeted specifically to newly-appointed facility-based long-term care administrators and those aspiring to become an administrator

Why this course is important

Current trends in the healthcare industry are placing increasing reliance on long term care. This course is intended to prepare students for a career in management across the long term care continuum. The market demand for LTC, involving the elderly, is growing at a rapid rate. The elderly population currently seeking care is relatively knowledgeable of its health care, social, and psychological needs. A course in LTC is one way of spearheading efforts to engage in program restructuring to accommodate the projected administration of long-term care facilities. This is a direct response to the growing challenge of aging population in America.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
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Dr. Olivia Owusu-Boakyewaah, Professor of Social Ministry

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course will be focus on a biblical worldview. It will focus on Ecclesiastes 12. That scripture teachers us to remembers those who assist us during the age of our youth and those who helped us along our path to adulthood. A course in Long Term Care Administration will enable student to give back the aging population.

Missionally driven

This course will direct students to work with the aging population. This will impact their knowledge about aging, its perception and ability to understand the aging processes. Students can then impact their biblical knowledge to the aging population.

Contextually informed

The growing need of geriatric population shows the necessity for careful long term care planning. The context of this course will enable students to understand administration of facilities that housed the aging population and how to make it better.

Interculturally focused

A focus on Long Term Care Administration is essential because it will enable students to understand some of the issues affecting the aging population and how students as future professionals can best serve this vulnerable group. Careful planning for the adult and aging population is critical in today society.

Practically minded

This course will give student the basic knowledge needed to have better facilities and resources for the adult and aging population

Experientially transformed

Students will be able to put what they are leaning into practice as they seek a career in Long Term Care Administration.