ENS6100EN - Environmental Communications

Course description

This course focuses on the intersections between contemporary environmental issues, communication dynamics, media and social change. We will explore the unique contribution that communication theory can bring to the study of “the environment” and “the natural world”. We will also consider how these perspectives can inform actionable practices that aim to bolster long-term global environmental sustainability. Case studies will cover a diverse set of environmental topics, including climate change, environmental justice, the global industrial food system, public understandings of scientific risk, human-animal relations, and environmental media and journalism. Course materials will include interdisciplinary readings – drawn not only from communication and media studies, but also political science, geography, the natural sciences and other fields – as well as relevant films, television shows, popular press articles and other multimedia materials. You will be asked to read challenging texts, engage in class discussions and exercises, reflect on a variety of media clips, and think critically about the perspectives brought into conversations by your peers. Taken together, the course will provide theoretical, methodological and practical insights into the theory and practice of environmental communication.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Environmental Studies
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Dr. Joseph Akinkugbe Adelegan, Professor of Environmental Mission