ENS5510EN - Advanced Natural Resource Economics

Course description

Describe the elements of the governance of natural resources in common use, such as the characteristics of the commons, institutions, collective action, and the methodologies for their study such as optimization, game theory and case studies. This course provides fundamental tools for advanced Socio-ecological and Ecological Economics studies.

How this course benefits students

Examine the main methods of analysis for planning the use and extraction of natural resources, such as optimization, game theory, institutional approach, and the importance of cumulative analysis of case studies as a guideline for policy design. Identify all those natural, social and spiritual elements that influence its sustainable use or deterioration.

Why this course is important

The sustainable use of natural resources is complex and cannot be limited to the use of optimization and efficiency tools. It is necessary to recognize the importance of society-nature relationships influenced by institutions, traditional knowledge, socioeconomic conditions, history, and the intrinsic characteristics of natural resources. 

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Environmental Studies
Educational level
Learning type
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Reflect on the biblical instructions for the management of natural resources, such as the use of the land and its fruits and the treatment of animals. 

Missionally driven

Promote participation and collective action for the sustainable management of natural resources. 

Contextually informed

Evaluate the natural resource management policies in your community or environment, discussing the status of the institutions involved. 

Interculturally focused

Discuss, through the analysis of case studies from different regions, the similarities and differences in the approaches, programs and policies for the management of natural resources. 

Practically minded

Design a local action program for the sustainable use of natural resources that integrates any of the methodologies analyzed, as well as social and institutional concepts for the governance of common use resources. 

Experientially transformed

Experience the spiritual blessings of living in obedience to the biblical commandments for the care of natural resources.