ECO6710EN - Issues & Methods in Socioecological Systems

Course description

This course introduces students to the Anthropocene, one of several proposed terms for the new geological era in which we live, in which humanity has become the dominant force structuring the biosphere. It will address what this means for critical subsystems in the Earth system, for humanity, and for the development of Earth system governance. This course will define the research challenges that the Master’s Programme Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems will address. The course will then explore alternative approaches to coupled socialecological systems from several disciplinary backgrounds in, for example, anthropology, geography, economics, and ecology. Then the course will look at current approaches to measuring and monitoring how ecosystems support human wellbeing. Students will be introduced to theoretical concepts, methods for analysis, and conduct group and individual research projects that utilize these concepts and methods.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Ecology Studies
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Dr. Stephen Latham, Professor of Environmental Mission