ECO5320EN - Issues in Urban Water Management

Course description

Through presentations, class discussions, and reading assignments, students analyze the principles, concepts, and techniques of urban water management, urban hydrology, and drainage. The course addresses the complexities and problems of conventional urban drainage and focuses on ecological and biochemical processes and water-sensitive urban drainage systems.

How this course benefits students

Students develop the ability to understand urban hydrology and water drainage in urban areas to analyze, discuss and explain the advantages and disadvantages of conventional urban drainage systems versus the ecological and engineering principles of water-sensitive urban drainage systems.

Why this course is important

The course equips students to assess the implementation of water sensitive urban drainage systems to minimize infrastructure and maintenance costs, increase the value of the landscape, protect the environment through the improvement of receiving water bodies’ quality and promote natural purification processes.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Ecology Studies
Educational level
Learning type
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Prof. Luisa Cifuentes Aguilar, Instructor in Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

God shows humanity His wisdom in how to manage rainwater in Job 5:10, “10 he gives rain on the earth and sends waters on the fields."

Missionally driven

Students bring hope and share the love of God as they promote the implementation of water sensitive drainage systems in urban areas where people are suffering health, flood, and pollution problems due to the absence of or collapsed drainage systems.

Contextually informed

The urban population worldwide is growing exponentially and disorderly. Lack or inefficiency of drainage systems in urban areas contributes to contamination of water sources, health problems, flooding, and environmental degradation. There is an imminent need for the implementation of water sensitive urban drainage systems based on hydrologic principles around the world.

Interculturally focused

Lack and collapsed urban drainage systems is a common problem that does not recognize borders. The course addresses different cultural, social, and political scenarios to strengthen students’ criteria when identifying sustainable solutions for urban water management.

Practically minded

With the aid of case studies, this course give students the necessary practical tools and knowledge to contribute to the implementation of water-sensitive drainage systems.

Experientially transformed

Students gain experience to put their knowledge into practice through case-studies and visual tools to develop their ideas based on the concepts and principles acquired in the course.