CMT6130EN - Issues in Community Economic Development

Course description

Students troubleshoot key issues in economic development such as funding, training, developing partnerships, and more. Discussion and assignments use the foundational concepts of community economic development to navigate issues that emerge in community economic development projects. Students examine case studies to become familiar with how those before them have confronted these issues.

How this course benefits students

Students will become more prepared than ever to participate in community economic development projects and equipped to provide leadership in this area. Those working toward a future in urban ministry, social outreach, or leadership in a Christian community development context will benefit from taking this course.

Why this course is important

Christian community development work and urban ministry are challenging endeavors. It is helpful to know ahead of time what the critical issues and challenges often are as well as ways to address these issues. This course provides students with a knowledge base to excel in Christian community development work, urban ministry, activist social work, or any person who wishes to provide outreach to the poor.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Community Transformation
Educational level
Learning type
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