MWS0100EN - Basic Music Reading Skills

Course description

This course is designed for the individual who is not confident in his/her music reading skills. After the final conclusion of the course, the student will be able to identify the music symbols necessary to read music.

How this course benefits students

For any individual who wishes to engage music in his/her ministry, an ability to read music is a necessary skill. This course provides a stepwise, cumulative progression of lessons to enable the student to read and interpret music symbols.

Why this course is important

Regardless of the type of music used in worship or church ministry, the basic language of music is required for reading music. Without those music reading skills, any leader or participant in music making is limited in his/her effectiveness. As a Christian leader, a musically illiterate individual in a position of leadership relies heavily on rote learning or on the music reading skills of others. Acquiring these basic skills is the first step toward more effective music leadership.

Credit hours
0 hours
Subject area
Music & Worship Studies
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Following the many examples of music and music leaders in the Bible, musically literate students will possess the skills to continue the practice of music as a ministry to the world.

Missionally driven

Acquiring music reading skills will assist students as they seek to use music in appropriate Christian settings.

Contextually informed

Students will possess skills providing an input into a variety of community and Christian settings.

Interculturally focused

An ability to read music provides more opportunities to converse with others musically regardless of the cultural setting.

Practically minded

Students will learn how to read music.

Experientially transformed

By acquiring music reading skills, students will be able to apply those skills to many ministerial opportunities.