Sphelele Ngcobo

Multimedia Production Manager (Zone 2: EMEA)
Webcast Specialist
International experience:
  • South Africa
  • United States


Certificate in Agile Project Management, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Certificate in Values Based Leadership, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Certificate in Film and TV Production, Media Village Training/WYAM, Durban, South Africa


Sphe Ngcobo served as a sound technician, video editor/camera operator, audio visual producer, photographer, and video producer where he compiled and edited studio recordings of music, radio plays and poetry; wrote, edited and direct television programs including talk shows; researched and edited audio/radio programs and created promotional video content; served as a professional event photographer; and filmed and directed documentaries and marketing and promotional videos and events. He served with Christian Outreach Media, the Starsat Channel, and Transworld Radio. In the educational space he has directed content development, conducted research, and has written, edited, directed and produced educational content. He has Certificates in Film and Television Production from Media Village Training/YWAM, and in Values Based Leadership and Agile Project Management from the University of Cape Town. He and his family live in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.